Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The New I-64 is Coming, Will You Be Ready?

Not sure HOW or IF the Highway 40 Construction will affect you. Here are some quick facts from the http://www.thenewi64.org/ website:

Contract: What is being built for the contract?

The project has a budget of $535 million and will include Interstate 64 from west of Spoede Road to east of Kingshighway. The project will rebuild all 12 interchanges including a new interchange at I-170, add one lane in each direction from west of Spoede to I-170, and reconstruct the bridges and pavement. We are getting everything we need with this project.

Traffic: Will north-south roads remain open to help with traffic flow?

Gateway Constructors will keep the major north-south roads open during construction. These roads include Lindbergh, Brentwood, Hanley and Kingshighway. They will be under construction to build the new interchanges with I-64, but they will remain open.

Bridges: Why is MoDOT concerned with the bridges?

There are more than 40 bridges on or over I-64 in this project. New bridges are given a rating of a 9. Half of the I-64 bridges are rated 4 or 3. At a level 2 they are closed. Replacing these bridges is a major reason for doing this project and doing it now.

Extra Lanes: Why isn't MoDOT adding more lanes? Aren't you going to address the congestion?

MoDOT will be improving traffic flow with the project through the addition of more lanes. Between every interchange there will be dedicated exit only lanes for longer merging. In the area of Brentwood, I-170 and Hanley, more lanes will be added as dedicated exit lanes to each of those interchanges. One additional lane for I-64 traffic traveling through will be added from Ballas Road to I-170, but not east of I-170.
The congestion east of I-170 is a result of out-dated design and operational problems such as steep hills and short on and off-ramps especially in the Brentwood, I-170 and Hanley areas. There are 30,000 fewer vehicles using I-64 east of I-170. Traffic flow along I-64 will be greatly improved by improving the overall roadway design, interchanges and the addition of exit only lanes between interchanges

For More Details please visit http://www.thenewi64.org/

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