Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Help from Washington DC

In September, the House of Representatives and Senate created a rescue plan
for homeowners and buyers. In October the House and Senate passed a bailout
plan for the economy. With all of this "help" from Washington D.C. you might
begin to wonder how it is helping you.

Most recently, Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 has been
grabbing headlines. In a letter to members of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF
REALTORS, NAR President Dick Gaylord was quick to share "A failure to act,"
he said, "would have pushed consumers into more dire circumstances."

"The market should regain some confidence, and since markets are built
mainly on confidence, that's no small thing," says Gary Keller, head of
national residential real estate franchiser Keller Williams in Austin,
Texas. "In fact it's a huge thing and it's imperative for the market to move
forward. But beyond that, we have to wait and see."

Real estate experts say the bill will give the market a much-needed boost,
but that substantial recovery of credit markets will probably take time. The
Grant Hickman Team, your local real estate experts, have outlined how
Washington D.C. is impacting you. Read the tip below to see how the
St. Charles County market was in September.

Throughout September, The Grant Hickman Team featured some of the benefits
and impacts homeowners will face with the American Housing Rescue and
Foreclosure Prevention Act. Current homeowners should call us now ((314)
265-1531) to know what actions you should take in this market. Some changes
go into effect as early as January 1, 2009!

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