Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Truth About Home Loans

There are a lot of myths in the media right now regarding home loans; I’m here to set the record straight!

· You’re told you can’t get a loan, there’s no money to loan, money is tight……The truth is lenders are making home loans every day!

· You’re told mortgage rates are high…….The facts are, mortgage rates are at, or near historic lows and have been for some time!

· You’re told getting a home loan is difficult……The facts are home loans are available and it’s not a difficult process!

· You’re told you must have perfect credit…….The facts are there are many financing options for individuals with not-so-perfect credit histories!

· You’re told that you have to put 20% down………The facts are there are many financing options that only require down payments as low as 3%! And if you are a veteran, first-time homebuyer or buying in St. Louis, St. Charles, Lincoln or Warren County; then you don’t need a down payment at all!!

The bottom line is that it is the perfect time to buy a home! Rates are low, home prices have dropped and most importantly, home loans are readily available!

30 Year Fixed 6.75% with 0 points
MHDC (CAP) FHA 30 Year Fixed 6.700 with 0 points
MHDC (non-cap) FHA 30 Year Fixed 6.25% with 0 points

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