Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Make a big effort to sell a small house and ring up a big sale

Smaller houses are contenders in the real estate market. People who are interested in lower costs, less maintenance and an active lifestyle are prime candidates to buy.

If the past couple of years have taught us anything, Americans are realizing that the “bigger is better” theory hasn’t worked out too well. That goes for real estate as well as life. Smaller houses have a very viable place in market now, especially for buyers who are cost-conscience and want to own property but are not interested in a lot of maintenance and high taxes.

Buyers run the gamut from first-timers who are looking for a starter house, to former McMansion owners tired of the expense involved in upkeep, to seniors who still want to own property but need a low maintenance house that affords them the option to seek new adventures.

In the beginning
Sprucing up a smaller house for sale is a lot like any other house, but sellers need to add an extra wow factor. Fantastic curb appeal is a must in this situation. You want the prospective buyer to fall in love with your house right away.

Garbage bags are you best friends
Eliminate clutter right now. The more stuff you have sitting around, the smaller the house seems. You want the potential buyer to see that their stuff will fit, that there is enough space to live comfortably and not feel overwhelmed. Fill the garbage bags up with things that no longer work, you don’t want and that you take with you to your next home.

Let the sunshine in
The more light, and the cleaner the windows, the bigger the space will look and feel. Dark drapes and shadowy corners give a closed in feeling and that’s not what you want to sell.

Open up the space
Smaller homes usually come with smaller kitchens. Remove all appliances from countertops when you show the house to give the appearance of adequate cooking space. If you have a huge wrap-around sofa and a big screen television in the living room, take them out. The first view as potential buyers enter the house is crucial; a buyer wants to see and feel open spaces rather than a cramped maze.

Highlight easy maintenance
Show off any new kitchen appliances and heating or cooling upgrades. Newer means less maintenance and lower costs. How long does it take you to cut the grass? A lot less than mowing an acre, and that means more time for the buyer to enjoy life.

Keep in mind that smaller homes are jewels in the landscape. Your property will be in demand and attracts those buyers who want more out of life than home maintenance.

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