Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going green with remodeling projects increases your home’s saleability

Earth friendly flooring, wallboard, insulation and roofs can bring in more potential buyers and do some good for the earth we live on.

As the selling season comes into sight, plans should be underway to spruce up your home with some remodeling projects. Last time we talked about small projects that have the best return dollar-for-dollar, such as changing out the tile in the kitchen and bath, re-facing cabinets and installing energy efficient appliances.

Making those improvements with earth-friendly materials will take your results to a higher level. Green materials have both financial and safety advantages.

Insulation is a must and most homes are under insulated. Natural based insulation is very popular now, such as recycled newspaper or cotton fiber, including recycled denim pieces. This insulation is soft, easy to handle and is treated to be fire resistant. There is no formaldehyde or other chemicals added to the product.

Wallboard can be a mold magnet, but by using gypsum, which has a moisture-resistant core, mold is no longer a problem. And, gypsum wallboard helps to maintain healthy air inside.

Heat rises–to the roof. In addition to quality insulation on the inside, a cool metal roof on the outside can save up to 30 percent on cooling bills. The metal roof lasts twice as long a conventional roof, and is resistant to fire, wind and hail.

Going green with flooring is another important factor in home remodeling. Linoleum is an excellent choice now. Yes, linoleum, but this product is far different than the linos in the 1950s kitchens of the past. The new linoleum is made from linseed oil, rosin, wood flour cork flour and limestone, all renewable resources and by-products of other manufacturing processes. This flooring is beautiful, designer-friendly and requires no major cleaning techniques.

To learn more about ways to live a greener life, check out the EarthWays Living the Green Life at the Missouri Botanical Garden. This interactive exhibit, which runs through March 14, is included in the Garden admission.

Written by Myra Vandersall

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