Monday, August 9, 2010

Inexpensive staging tips can increase a buyer’s interest and help sell a home quickly

Decluttering and a good cleaning are givens when selling a home, but the owner can increase the probability of a sale by using staging techniques. Staging helps a seller think like a buyer. Embracing this perspective early on will help prepare the home for the market. Small staging changes can make the biggest difference in the sales price and time on the market.

Make a Difference and Set Your Home Apart from the Crowd
To sell a home in this market, homeowners must compete in two areas–visual appeal and pricing, which is 80% of selling a property. While the price is the first lure, how well the home looks is the clincher.

Here’s where home staging plays a pivotal role. The technique highlights the home’s positive features and downplays the problem areas. Sellers have the opportunity showcase a home that welcomes a potential buyer into a space they can see as their own.

Set the Stage
While a seller can hire a professional stager, a lot of small-scale changes can help the process along. Here are some home staging tips that any seller can do personally.

Paint–Neutral colors that leave the buyer room for imagination are standard, but that doesn’t mean boring works. Earth-toned palettes, such as grey, sage, soft yellow, spa blue and beige warm a home and give the potential buyer a sense of well-being.

Give rooms a purpose–Even if the seller is comfortable with the computer in the dining room, the buyer needs to see a dining room table, not a nest of cables. Each room should be staged to reflect a specific purpose. Even a space that seemly don’t have a purpose can be set up as a cozy reading area with a chair, lamp and side table.

Furniture arrangement–The point is to open up visual space and create conversation areas that feel light and airy. A good rule of thumb is to remove two pieces of furniture, especially if they are oversized, and move the remaining furniture away from the walls.

Bedroom oasis–The bedroom should be an inviting focal point with upscale bedding in simple patterns. Include throws, pillow shams and a comforter folded at the end of the bed. A small sitting area with a cozy chair and reading lamp will also welcome a buyer.

Expert help
Real estate agents who value staging as the ramp to the sale will make all the difference. Choose an agent who can see the home as a buyer would, and who will offer the best advice for a seller to be competitive in today’s market.

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