Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How much money do I need for a down payment on a house?

There is plenty of news in the media right now regarding the housing market, especially with the financial and bank bailout looming. Although much of this news is accurate, many facts get misinterpreted and falsely reported, leading to rumors and hearsay.

The biggest rumor right now is that you need a 20% down payment to buy a house, which is the furthest thing from the truth! Even with all of the uncertainty in the financial sector today, mortgage lenders are still lending money and in some cases up to 100%.

However; I will add that these lenders have tightened their guidelines and requirements, but as long as you have a 620 credit score; there most likely is a loan available for you.

So how much money do you need for a down payment? This table will give you a quick glance of the loan options that are available today!

Veterans Administration (VA) 0%
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 3.5%
Conventional Financing 5%
FHA with MHDC Financing 0%

Keep in mind that the down payment is not the only money that you need to bring to the closing table. There are also closing costs and escrows, which you will establish with your lender for taxes and insurance. But even then, a good real estate agent like Grant can negotiate for the seller to pay for your closing costs and escrow making it possible to get into a house with no money out of your pocket.

In closing, it is very important to evaluate your financial situation when trying to buy a house, but as you can see there is no requirement for putting 20% down to make that dream happen. Talk to a good lender to figure out your best option!

30 Year Fixed 5.125% with 0 points and only $399 in lender fees
MHDC (CAL) FHA 30 Year Fixed 6.46% with 0 points
FHA 30 Year Fixed 5.00% with 0 points and only $399 in lender fees

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I think this is great information! I had no idea if I could even think about buying a home.