Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cauy Clark and the Cardinals have a big day on Sunday, October 4

SCHNEIDER Real Estate agent Robert Clark’s son Cauy, who has tuberous sclerosis complex, will help raise money for research and at cure at the Cardinals’ last regular season game.

What better way to cap off a fantastic Cardinals baseball season and send the team on to the Central Division Championships than attending the very last game of the season and supporting a wonderful cause.

Sunday, October 4 is the last game and a very special day for Cauy Clark, who has tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), a genetic disease that causes tumors to form in many different organs. Cauy’s dad is SCHNEIDER Real Estate Agent Robert Clark, the driving force behind finding a cure for this complex and helping not only his son, but also the approximate 50,000 Americans who have TSC.

The October 4 game will be the third annual A Cure for Cauy day at the ballpark. We urge you to snap up tickets for $25.00 each, which is a great discount, join the fun at Busch Stadium and help Cauy raise money for research. This special day is in association with the Cardinals and the goal is to sell more than 1,000 tickets, which are located in the reserved outfield terrace on the third base side. A TSC kid will throw out the first pitch when the ticket goal is reached.

Robert explains that people afflicted with TSC are at risk for tumors growing in vital organs such as the brain, heart, eyes, kidneys, skin, liver and lungs. Some people with TSC can experience autism, epilepsy and kidney and heart disease.

Cauy was diagnosed around the age of three, but Robert saw a special positive spirit and can-do attitude in his son, and with that hope decided to become actively involved in raising money for treatment and a cure.

Here are the game day details. Get a group together, help Cauy and thousands like him, and send the Cardinals off to the National League Central Division Championships.

St. Louis Cardinals vs. the Milwaukee Brewers
Sunday, October 4
Game time 1:15 p.m.
Special Cure For Cauy ticket price: $25.00

To order tickets:
E-mail Robert Clark at or call him at 636.248.6329.
Or mail your ticket request and a check payable to A Cure For Cauy to:
A Cure For Cauy, C/O SCHNEIDER Real Estate, One Point West Blvd., St. Charles, MO 63301

You can be sure the SCHNEIDER real estate team will be out in full force rooting for Cauy and the Cardinals.

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